It’s raining love today,

Let me sit near you and

Get drenched in the sweet

Kisses coming from your mouth.

I promise I won’t take long,

I just want to feel the moment

When the raindrops sprinkle on

Your beautiful face and wash your

Soul, wash it naked, so that I can see

The insecurities and the abundance of

Love you hold for me, alike.

Remember the day, when you sealed

The deal by planting a kiss on

My forehead? It was beautiful indeed.

The night did not end there;

It took with it, something that

Belonged with us, something that

Cannot be described in mere words.

These days, I just scribble your name

With me and cross it a multiple time

To ensure that I don’t have the

Misconception that you belong with me.

I got this when the night ended, and I didn’t

See you lying beside me, wrapped in the sheet.

You left me silently in the middle of the night

You once told me, love is not something

We can feel between the sheets.

It’s so much more than that.

Now, you are gone and your words

Are haunting me every day, every single night.

No! I am not complaining.

I know you have your own reasons

And somewhere I was dreaming of a

Fairy-tale that was never mine.

#chicpickbypdp #latenightthoughts #poemabouthim #poem #love #longform #mustread

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