Women are extra!

Today I am gonna get a lot of followers or some of my favourite cheerleaders are gonna leave my side.

For I am going to talk about the forbidden truth, which no one’s ever said.

Also, I think we don’t need to be judgemental here as it’s more contextual than reality itself.

You can even consider it as work of fiction because none of our species gonna own it.

But, here I am- taking up the challenge to accept the bitter truth that women are extra.

They exaggerate everything.

And believe me the list of exaggeration goes long.

You won’t believe but it even includes her tears when she says she is fine in an abusive relationship to her moans while she fakes an orgasm to satisfy your male ego.

It also includes her saying she’s sorry for loving you too much and thinking that she’s just not enough to be loved exceptionally.

Remember your mom saying she’s okay with your shitty behaviour when you yelled at her saying she’s too much involved in your personal life, that you need some space, that you are grown enough to take care of yourself, that you don’t need her lecture anymore. She was exaggerating while gulping in your radical words, saying it’s okay when you said you are sorry! Let that sink in.

It’s not about your mother, your sister, your lover, or your friends, girls are usually overwhelming for weak personalities.

For they are free and that’s why they let their love and support flow freely to you.

Just because they are emotionally and physically available for you, you are not supposed to tell them that they are procurable. It’s even not that they need your attention 24*7- but yes!

They deserve it and you have to give it to them for being patient with you and loving you unconditionally.

Try calling them extra one more time and you’ll have it from them!

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