I like it when we are lying skin to skin

Your fingertips caressing me

In a circulation motion

Like you are thinking about something

Something which is difficult yet satisfying

Just like our relationship and its fate.

The movement of your fingertips

Depicts the quandary you are facing.

The way you hold me closer every time

I try to leave your side tells a different

Story from the time when you push

Me away when I want to hold you for

A little longer.

It seems like you are scared

That the feelings we share will stay.

It seems like you want to jump all in

But could not afford another heartbreak

Just yet! So you push me away.

Far far away- to the place from where

Itโ€™s difficult for me to comeback and knock

Your door all over again.

//things I never told you when I was close to you.

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