The mirage.Β 

A love that I thought was strong enough to last forever. Today I can see it lying on the floor lamenting over the loss. I feel no shame in telling you that you never wished to stay as much as I tried to strengthen this bond between the two of us.
Could not write anything lately. I don’t know what is wrong. It’s even worst than the writer’s block πŸ˜πŸ˜• Someone please help me.

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Trust me.Β 

When I first met you I never realized that I would give so much time and efforts in this relationship. It was never planned to turn out this way. Maybe my love was tangible and I needed some signs of attachment from your side too. Never mind, it’s too late now. We are never ever getting back together. Cause one can rely on a stabber only once, or may be twice, not more than that.  So I am here to say the last goodbye. I hope our love rests in peace. Amen #unsaidwords #pdp #bestoftheday #trending #truth #chicpickbypdp 


Last night happened to witness the first rain of the season. 

In the morning I could see, 

The brimming pot holes and puddles 

Where this little frog used to live. 

He danced and jumped and skipped and flipped, 

for him it was the beautiful season of fun and prosperity. 

Oh dear frog what makes you so happy? 

Life, my dear friend, the reason would be. 

Cause I could smell the earth and watch the birds singing the songs of merry. 

But the smell was there and the birds never feared then why you chose rainy season? 

For the one who believes and never deceives the season to fall in love is right here. 

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Them eyes!Β 

Those eyes got me hooked. When you chose to show that you love me yet was holding on to someone else. I had faith on you. I had a hope that my heart can’t go wrong about you. But no, it was never the case. You came with a mask on your face and shook me up. I don’t know I should hate you or love you or whatever, all I know is that I need to let you go. I want you out of my life, my mind, my heart. I want to forget about your existence. And I will succeed, not today, not tomorrow, but someday!