Let me be me!Β 

.. Why is it so difficult to fall in love in India?
Why do you need to validate your relationship in front of everyone? 

Why do have to think and churn your mind whether you have taken a correct decision or you just ruined your life?

Your parents, your friends, your colleagues, even your acquaintances are always there to give you multiple opinions.
You know what she doesn’t look that pretty after all.

You know what he is fat. 

How do you even fall in love with this person? 

Omg! You are elder than him. 

What are you doing with you life? 

Long distance relationships never last. 

Do you really think he is the one? 

Don’t you think you are moving too fast ? Are some of the shitty questions you will come across once the world gets to know that you love someone. 

I mean why is it so difficult for the world to digest that you can fall in love irrespective of cast color creed age and gender.

We, the millennials, prefer giving more value to our feelings than any of these materialistic differences.

We do fall out of love, we break up, we take breaks but don’t question our intentions just because we are bold enough to take our own decisions.
Dear world,

you know what?
We don’t give a flying fuck about what you think, why you think, how you feel or about any of your opinions. 

Stop giving threats, saying SOCIETY KYA KAHEGI!

Who is this society? We are the society! If we are not there , you won’t have a society to swear on.

Can’t you see if we are in love , we cherish those moments rather than sitting and contemplating about the million odds that can come into this picture.
Dear society,

we do exist! 

We who believe in β€œlove” can fight the difficulties! 

We just don’t get into a relationship , bond for one night stands!

I accept that one night stands, flings, hook ups are a real thing in our generation  and somewhere down the line we think love is losing its charm because of these importers.

But there are millions of us who think of marriage as our ultimate destination. 

Yes we know it’s not a cake’s walk!

And please don’t force us to get married or have someone in our lives saying that OMG you are 30, 

you don’t have a partner in your life. It’s very difficult to survive without a support after an age. 

Honestly we don’t want that advice. We even enjoy our singlehood. If we find someone or feel ready, we will take the step.


May be we will consider what you say, may be we won’t! 

Because it’s our life and we can take our decisions. Only give your advice when asked for.
We can hang out with our friends (even if they are of other gender), party late night without drugs, smoke, and drinks, have serious discussions, plan our future and achieve what we want.
We have accepted it all. 

The ups and downs, the twists and turns.

And we are not complaining of what we are or what we have got!
We have embraced the small corner in this gigantic world. 

So just a small request! 

Stop staring at us if you see us somewhere chilling, talking, fighting, crying, laughing, jumping, hugging or kissing. 

We are in a free country and we have the right to feel and express! 
Signing off!

Lots of love,

A millennial
//Come on let it go

Just let it be.
Why don’t you be you

And I’ll be me!

And I’ll be me!\\ 




Feeling uneasy, oh one of those day when I cannot keep myself happy and peppy as I always stay. 
Feeling broken, oh one of those days when my self worth hides in a dark room with no traces to be found. 
Feeling underrated, oh one of those days when the world tells me I am good for nothing and I no option than beliving them.
Feeling alone, oh one of those days when the sun is just above my head and my shadow stabs me in the back. 
Feeling used, oh one of those days when the meanness of others measures my usability. 
Feeling cheated, oh one of those days when you chose to come closer to me wearing the fragrance that smells like her and not me. 
Felling feeling feeling, well, feeling is a bane to me. 

I feel alot. 


I feel what I am not meant to feel.

 I feel special, I feel wanted, I feel loved. You know why. 

Because love made me feel so.

Because there are still some things that make me smile a little wider, make me laugh a little louder, and make me dance a little crazier.

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An open letter

Laying exhausted
on my bed, 

thinking about 

the achievements 

I made. 

Did they make me happy? 

Did they make me 

the kind 

of person 

I am today? 

The ruthless, 

the shameless, 

the merciless! 

Yeah, they explain me well. 

There was a child, 

I knew him well, 

but I pushed him to hell. 

Didn’t even ask if he 

wanted to go through 

the rough roads 

I am willing to take, 

just kept pushing 

on and on and on, 

till the day 

the innocence and 

benevolence is gone. 

Oh i know it’s tough 

to kill your inner child, 

but don’t you think 

it’s invincible 

if you want to survive. 

The wrath of time is 

breaking my back, 

can’t sit, can’t walk, 

can’t stand, just slog. 

That’s all about me! 

Grown up with 

greed in my girth 

and grim in my head. 

Signing off world, 

I wish to be dead.
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Unappreciated, Unapologetic, UnlovedΒ 

 Dear love,
I thought this time nothing could go wrong. 

I could control all the ups and downs that are going on between the two of us.

But I think I was completely wrong.

Things have changed, not with you, but it’s with me.

I know I promised I will never change but I am tired of running behind those unworthy emotions .

They don’t mean a thing to me now. 

I thought atleast you will try to catch me when I fall but you were never interested in doing that. 

Instead you pushed me to get he edges so that there is no change of me coming back.

Believe me I sturggled, I shouted your name, in hope that you will look back and catch me, wrap me in your arms like you always did.

But you were not there, only your li s were lying behind laughing at my condition.

It’s not even your fall. I have seen people falling out of love and this time I saw a coward running away from a strong soul because he was weak to hold the vibrant presence of this flamboyant woman. Today, in this moment, I am letting go of you. I am forging the unappreciated, unapologetic, unloved person that you are, in hope that one day in the middle of the night you will wake up from deep sleep and miss the warmth of my love and the depth of my soul.
Yours lovingly,

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Somehow, unwanted, unplanned!!Β 

Our love was not destined. When I say it was not destined I don’t want to demean the fact that I am madly in love with you. 

I just want to say that it was the most surprising thing that has ever happened to me. And may be the best one too. 

I know things are not going so well between the two of us. Alas! That’s the fact of falling in love. We tend to hurt each other, which is the last thing on our list that we want to do with other. 

Between all the love making sessions, all those bitings and moaning, we made our love strong. We don’t want to make each other sad, but unfortunately it happens. Somehow, unwanted, unplanned! 

It’s so wreckless that it does not even take a moment to ruin the castle of love we made with our warm hugs and sweaty kisses. 

I know I have made enough faults to let you down. But I promise you that I never planned to do anything like this. 

I could not be ashamed of it anymore. I know I have behaved immaturly, fought with you, said mean things, just because I am scared of losing you. 

This moment feels like a cold stroke of lighting just got struck in my heart and left me flabbergasted. 

I know, we still have the bond intact between us and nothing is going to break that. But somewhere you have lost the trust in me. 

The sparkle in your eyes when you saw me, the heat in your soul when you touched me. 

I remember all of them. And I want them back. Cause it’s mine, you are mine and I promise whatever happened will never repeat. 

I won’t swear on you. I won’t get materialistic. All I want to say that trust me. 

And if you can’t trust me, trust your heart beat, your soul that is still pounding for me. 

PS. do I need to say the words, do I need to say sorry, do I need to say I belong with you. Don’t you every worry.

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Did you notice?Β 

Did you notice the sky the day we met? it had the hues of pink and orange just like the blush I got on my cheeks when I saw you.

Did you notice the calm breeze blowing around us? It was as warm and satitaing as your hug always makes me feel.

Did you notice the birds chirping around us? Oh! they reminded me of the favorite tunes we sing all the time.

Did you notice the touch-me-not leaves shrinking and blusing when you skin brushed against its bare body ? It resembles the shivers I get down my spine when your fingers carass me slowly.

Did you notice the waves crushing each other to reach the shore first? It portrayed how I rush through my day to see you and get your mere glimpse. Oh! It fills my heart with immense joy.

I know you did not notice any of them but did you notice the sudden change in my behavior towards you? I tried to tell you what I feel but words don’t suffice! Isn’t it? So I am leaving it all on our destiny. If it wants we are going to be together! Or,

//I have died everyday waiting for you, darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, and I will love you for a thousand more. //
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